ATP250 Los Angeles Rajeev Ram v #64 Leonardo Mayer + New Academy Lesson – Steve Job’s 7 Secrets To Success

Good afternoon,

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday and getting ready for hot weekend of tennis.

Rajeev Ram will play his quarter-final match against Argentine, Leonardo Mayer, tomorrow afternoon in Los Angeles. Mayer is a quality player, currently ranked #64 in the world, and he has been as high as #51 back in 2010. I actually coached against him twice in 2010 when I was working with Kevin Anderson – a loss in Delray Beach, followed by a win in Toronto. We wish Rajeev all the best with this great opportunity.

I am currently undertaking a major project with the website in moving all the vidoes over to a platform that can be viewed on an iPad. At the moment not all the videos have that functionality, but over the next week the migration will take place and you will be able to see videos on the iPad, which is definitely the best way to interact with the Brain Game website.

Today we also have a new Academy lesson about the seven secrets to success of former Apple chairman, Steve Jobs. Steve was an amazing person who achieved so much in his life before passing away at the end of last year. The video this week has some very valuable life lessons that all of us can take advantage of. Please click on the following link to go straight to the lesson.

Thanks, and good luck to Raj in the quarters tomorrow.



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